The functional group -OH part three

When the lights came back on, I was lying on my bed. I could see someone move about my room, but that person moved too fast for my eyes to see. I groaned, and felt as if I had gargled shards of glass. I croaked for water, and a footsteps rushed into the room. My eyes focused with difficulty to see a woman in Scrubs (nurses and doctors wear them). She helped me sit up and gave me some water. I tried speaking but my words were garbled, and I couldn’t make sense of them either.

I looked for the cadaver, or the spilt innards but found nothing. I tried getting out of bed but the woman pressed my shoulders and mumbled something about rest. I was surprised to find that I was dressed in a clean shirt and pyjamas, on my bed that was soaked in sweat. I was getting more and more confused by the second. What day was it, I asked myself, and I tried looking for my phone, but couldn’t find it.

The woman entered, but this time there someone else with her. I turned to see the Landlord’s Daughter enter the room. The room brightened as she entered, or so I thought. She smiled and asked me if I was better.

“Better from what?”, I asked, my voice feeling better after the glass of water.

“It’s a long story, and you need rest, Mr Schuberg”, replied the Landlord’s Daughter. I still didn’t know her name. I asked and she told me.

“Vivienne”, with a smile.

I stood up from the bed and stretched myself. I stood straight and looked at her. “Ms Vivienne, I need to know what happened”, after a moment’s hesitation I asked her what day it was.

“It’s Sunday morning, Mr Schuberg. Like I said, it is a long story and I’d rather wait till my father comes here. There are parts of it that only he will be able to tell you. He’s gone to get a Rabbi.”

A Rabbi? Goddamn fuckwits. I needed a doctor not a Rabbi. I told her so. She listened to my tirade of how much of an atheist I was. She listened for five minutes to my explanation of why I wasn’t Jewish and why I needed a doctor and why, most of all, I needed answers. She listened and at length, she turned to the window and said, “He is a Rabbi, yes, but he’s also the Vice Rector of the University, Mr Schuberg”.

I stood there looking like a guppy fish at feeding time. The Vice-Rector of the University was going to be here, all because of some stupid shit that I probably did. Fearing the worst, I sat down heavily on the bed.

“I know how you feel, Mr Schuberg,” Vivienne continued,”But he’s a good man, and he’s a doctor”. Doctors are only human, I said to myself, because I am training to be one myself.

Yes, that is the reality. I’m studying to become a doctor, and here I am, three weeks into my course and I am already being tended to by my landlord’s daughter who, though 17, looks like someone out of a film. She is blonde and tall, wears spectacles but is amazingly soft-spoken and quiet. She is beautiful, something I notice immediately in the women I meet, and although I can’t call her a ‘woman”, I can see her beauty. Fucking romantic, I chide myself, there is nothing to be gained from falling in love with random women in your life. Right now I was ashamed of myself, because here I was, possibly passed out from binge drinking, and my Vice Rector was going to be here in a few minutes.

All in all an experience I am not going to forget any time soon.



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