I had a fitful sleep last night. In my dreams I walked through deserted cities and talked to strange people. I am not a believer in dreams and I don’t interpret my dreams. They aren’t divine modes of communication between myself and whatever other world New Age Spiritual nutjobs want you to believe. I don’t care about religion, I don’t care about spirituality, and right now, my only worry is a feeling of terrible fatigue. I am terribly tired and I can’t find an answer why. I tried wanking, but nope, my sex drive just fizzled out into nothingness.

I am sitting at my desk staring out the window to the city below, and I have just realized that there is a “low-income neighbourhood” behind the hotel. It is a small zone, surrounded by middle class homes on all sides. It is like a small scar that is covered by the larger buildings of comfort and salaried jobs. At night, a group of young boys sits under a streetlamp on the porch of one of these houses. It is not a house, but you know, a typical poor place of residence, with white walls and plain windows. These boys sit on the porch and smoke, and talk loudly. I could hear them pass lewd comments at women who happened to be passing. I guess that they are around 14 – 15 years old, and a couple of them may be a little older. All in all, a group of teenage boys who smoke at street corners and catcall women.

Or, in other words, trash.

There is a term that Brits love to use, Chav, which basically refers to a person from a low income background, likely a loser and unemployed, who acts tough in a group and is generally a likely candidate for a death camp. The reason this blog was written was because of an Anti-Semitic incident, and now is the time to let the cat out of the bag.

A few days after I arrived here, I was standing at a pizza joint, munching on a slice. It was my first meal and I was famished. Suddenly, two boys came up to me, and one of them said something in the local tongue. I turned to him and shook my head, saying, “No, I don’t know, I don’t understand”, and continued with my pizza. This kid left with his friend. I continued munching.

A couple of minutes later the two of them came back, and this kid, dressed in a blue jumper said


and then “JEW! JEW ! You goddamn JEW!”, in a heavily accented English voice that reeked of low income parenting and slime. He then tried to walk away fast, nervously laughing. His friend looked at me apologetically and said, “Please forgive my friend, he’s a little sick in the head”, and dragged the kid in blue yelling at him. I stood there taken aback, not because I was afraid, but confused. Jew? Me? Fuck off! I have nothing against Jews, but to be at the brunt of a racial (mis)profiling is surreal on a different level. I threw my leftovers in the dustbin and yelled after the kid “Fuck off, you stinking twat!” in a loud voice. The kid turned back and I flipped him my middle finger. He looked as if he wanted to run down and throttle me, but his friend held on to him. I yelled “Motherfucker” and showed him the finger again.

The lady at the counter looked at me a little shocked. I asked her for another slice of pizza, ate it and left in a taxi.


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