The National Flag

I miss the flag of my nation. I miss it, and I miss the sight of the flag on a flag pole fluttering proudly in the wind. I miss the half-masts and the evening salutes. Back in the Capital city of my home country, the flag can be seen everywhere. I love to see it, and I love it as I love something that is dear to me. I will die for the flag, and my flag is the only thing I miss from my nation. Not because there isn’t anything else in my nation, but the fact that the flag, my flag, if you will, encapsulates everything that my country is.

Here, most people wouldn’t recognize it, and I feel that there is a sense of pride in wearing my nation’s flag on my person in the form of a badge. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but I still find that my flag is something I am proud of. I am proud of my nation, despite its faults, and I am glad that I am a citizen of my country. It is not the pride of an accident, it is the pride that comes with seeing the fortitude and resilience of my people. People have often said that Nationalism is false, it is hateful and it is divisive. To them, I show my middle finger. I love my nation and I have seen our neighbours try every slimy trick in the book to attack and kill my people. Nationalism may be a replacement of religion for many people, but to people like me, it is an affirmation of the strength and fortitude of my people.


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