Eternal Springtime

The sky is bright blue today and that is a relief. It is bright and sunny outside, and I can feel the sun on my face as I sit at my desk. The window affords me this candid view of the citizenry’s lives here and the sky’s wide openness is something that I cherish to no end. Damn, the weather is good. I talked to the Receptionist yesterday and made her laugh, her eyes glowing and her back arched backwards in a gentle curve reminded me of an Italian sculpture. Her hair was tied back in a long ponytail and as she laughed, I could hear an innocent tinkling in her voice. Springtime is beautiful. I can feel myself feel uplifted from my dreary solitude every time I turn to see the blue sky. The last few days were cold, and silent, washed in shades of grey with a chill that made me think of existential crises and numbness.

I thought of going out to a party I was invited to, one where there would be booze and there would be women, but I decided against it. I may feel cold in my room and feel the cold isolation of the lone foreigner, but I am content with my own company. I drink alone, and talk to women alone and only if I need to. I keep myself on the bare essentials of human need, and I have found that it is comforting to be alone. I  loathe the company of my colleagues here, my fellow countrymen and I share nothing in common except for a nationhood that we take for granted back home. I have nothing in common with my batchmates and I am quite glad that I am left to my own devices.

Lab work yesterday was a success. We had some complicated procedures to solve and we had some frustrations, but my time in the hot lab was made easier by the Lab Technician, a redhead woman who looks like a bitch and has a resting bitch face that can make the strongest of men collapse into a gibbering heap. Her hair is flaming red and she wears glasses that match her green eyes. She has a very rare combination of full lips, soft hair and pimples which make her look oddly adorable. I stood in the lab, wearing a mask, lab coat and green gloves, doing my thing and she sat a few paces away on a rather comfortable chair.

We had to pause and leave our apparatus for our solutions to precipitate ( among other technical details that will drive you mad), and in that free time I sat near the fridge. Thankfully the fridge was open and a current of cold air flowed towards me in a relieving flow. She came over to me with her chair and sat on the other side of me. We sat in silence for a few awkward minutes.

“What’s your name?”, she asked.

I told her.

“Where are you from?”, she asked, leaning in a little closer.

I told her.

“Really?”, she was, unexpectedly, taken aback.

“Really, ma’am,” I said smiling. I found it amusing as hell to see her usual Resting Bitch Face turn into one of a more inquisitive and normal face. We talked normally for a while and then she told me what I dreaded to hear.

“You know, you are a little odd”, her Resting Bitch Face returns.

She waits for an answer and I patiently reply, “Am I?”. I usually answer like an existentialist philosopher drunk on neat whisky, but today I couldn’t help it. “Yeah,” she replied. “You are always alone, rarely speak and are overdressed.” I turn to look at her appalled. “No, really. The other groups always say that you are a this lonely foreigner, and I even heard it from this waitress at the Cafe.”



I said nothing for a few seconds. I really didn’t know what to say. It is a small community here, the students and the professors and lecturers, but this is too much. I’ve never spoken to the Lab Technician before and yet, 5 minutes into our first conversation, she’s interrogating me like a KGB section chief. I had no words then. She sensed my discomfort, and then cooed softly, “Don’t take it to heart now. Everyone is curious about you. I am, too.”



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